Reputation Management

Online reviews are crucial for today’s businesses. Several studies show that reviews can greatly impact brand’s reputation and consequently sales. They are widely read and can influence people’s purchase decisions. This means rebuilding or reinforcing one’s online reputation is about the promotion of positive reviews, namely highlighting good qualities of a business.

High quality content that provides a better user experience than that of negative content or negative review site may be the best approach. This content needs to be designed to be engaging, captivating and very informative to for users.

Inoculation combines several useful techniques to create and/or promote positive listings that push negative listings “down” in the Search Engine’s Reprot Pages. Negative listings are actually not removed.

  • Press Releases/Syndicated Articles can promote your existing Press Releases or create some useful articles of your own. Submit these to effective networks, such as PRLog and eZine Articles.
  • Social Media can create Social Network profiles on Facebook and Twitter, Professional Network profiles on LinkedIn, Wiki articles on Wikipedia and other various sites that you can easily control.


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